Harvesting Wind and Building Rural Economies

June 12th, 2013

When tar sands pipelines are proposed for rural areas, one of the most frequent benefits touted is the creation of jobs. While a few hundred temporary construction jobs are created, only a handful of permanent positions remain. For rural economies, wind energy provides both temporary and permanent jobs with good wages.

In rural communities struggling with depopulation, wind farms can help reinvigorate the local economy. Around 85,000 people currently work in wind. Many of these jobs are in rural areas. California, Texas and Iowa have the most installed wind power. Other traditionally agricultural states in the Midwest and Great Plains regions (more…)

Texas Wind Energy Leads the Way

June 11th, 2013

For home and property owners in Duncanville, creating a more sustainable lifestyle may not be a concern to be taken lightly. Learning more about the cleaner and more sustainable ways you have to power your home, business or other property can ensure that you are able to minimize the environmental harm that your lifestyle is creating. The growing use of commercial wind farms has allowed many end-line consumers to ensure that they are able to meet their needs in the most sustainable and environmentally beneficial way possible. If you are considering switching your utility provider, learning more about the many important benefits that wind-power can offer could be an important first step.

Harnessing the power of the wind for commercial and industrial use has been done for centuries. Today’s modern wind-farms make use of sophisticated equipment that is able to generate significant quantities of electrical power without pollution or depleting natural resources. Powering your home or place of business with power that has been generated in more sustainable ways can do much to reduce demand for conventional power generation and curb the environmental impacts that coal and other fossil fuels are having.

Learning more about the different providers and utility services that you may be able to make use of can allow you to find one that offers clients a more sustainable way to meet their needs. If your current service is not making full use of wind-power, or if you are unsure as to which method of production your utility provider utilizes, conducting a little research can be very beneficial. Switching to a more environmentally beneficial way to power your appliances, devices and lifestyle could make a much bigger difference than you would have thought possible, and will ensure that you are able to make an effective contribution towards creating a more secure future.

Practicing better energy conservation and making smarter choices in terms of your daily habits and purchases may not be able to provide you with the level of success you are seeking in your efforts to create a greener way of life. Making better use of clean energy, sustainable power and the next-generation renewable alternatives that end-line consumers have to choose from could be an essential part of addressing the growing energy crisis. Learning more about this issue, and the opportunities you have that could make a bigger difference, is not a concern that Texas residents can afford to leave to chance.

Rural Communities Harvest Wind and Tourists

March 21st, 2013

Many rural communities are now switching to wind energy both for the savings and for the increase in tourism. Rural communities are the perfect testing points for wind farms because there’s a lot of land and not a lot of electricity is really needed. This is also why many nations that have wide open farmland have led the way in adopting this type of green energy production.

Wind energy is one of the best and cleanest types of alternative energy. It’s usually used (more…)

Visiting Wind Farms as an Ecotourist

March 19th, 2013

In 2011, the Hy-line Ferry wasted no time in announcing that it would eventually offer tours of the Nantucket Sound wind farm to be constructed by Cape Wind. Construction is expected to be based out of New Bedford, MA.

One of the criticisms of the project is that it would hurt tourism. The ferry service expects to offset that to a degree by making the huge wind turbines an actual source of new tourism. Hy-line enthusiastically suggests that it will turn the Nantucket Sound wind farm into a world-class (more…)

Can I Put Up a Wind Turbine at My House?

March 17th, 2013

Homeowners looking for ways to lower their power bills, limit exposure to utility price increases and reduce pollution might consider installing a wind energy system. Such a decision can be complicated, but under ideal circumstances a wind turbine provides your home with clean, cost-efficient and reliable power. Depending on your particular situation, both grid-connected and standalone units are available.

Grid-connected turbines are suggested if a connection to the power grid is convenient and not overly expensive, and electricity in your area exceeds 10 cents per kilowatt-hour; (more…)

Wind Speed is Critical for Wind Energy Success

March 16th, 2013

Out of all of the renewable energy sources available, wind power is probably the most debated. Since the wind doesn’t blow all the time, it’s a very unreliable energy source. Also, wind doesn’t always blow with the same strength. A strong gust of wind will allow a wind turbine to generate more energy than a small gust of wind. Many people believe wind energy is going to be a very successful energy source.

However, for wind energy to (more…)

Is Wind Energy Cheaper Than Natural Gas or Coal?

March 13th, 2013

Wind energy is a renewable energy source, and it’s being used all over the planet. Wind energy can be used for everything that electricity can be used for. Many people prefer wind energy because it’s considered a clean power source. Out of all of the existing renewable energy sources, wind energy is one of the best. Australia is one of many locations producing a lot of wind energy.

In Australia and several other locations, wind energy has actually become cheaper to produce than coal or natural gas. As time (more…)